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Born and raised in Chicago. Brian E. Neal grew up watching Will Smith in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, which was the source of inspiration. While very active in sports all the way through college, he got into acting and has been doing Print, Runway, Film/TV and Voice Over work ever since.–Brian tells us […]

Brian MacMahon, CEO of Expert DOJO, a Silicon Beach based Peak Performance Center gives entrepreneurs what they need: success coaching, advice, and specialist help in all areas of their business growth. They have a patented 12 step accelerator program that gives businesses the edge they need.—Brian tells us how to build a real business from […]

Cloris Kylie says she “helps you attract the right clients so that you build a magnificent business that creates impact and thrives in the long term.” This Marketing MBA is the founder of Lead Generation Academy and Client Attraction Bootcamp.–Cloris is going to reveal Secrets to Creating Digital Training Programs that Sell!

Luni Libes, a 25+ year serial entrepreneur, most recently founder of Fledge, the conscious company accelerator, and co-founder of investorflow.org, an online service connecting impact investors, along with the Entrepreneur in Residence at Presidio Graduate School. Luni is the author of The Next Step series of guidebooks on entrepreneurship, and The Pinchot Impact Index, outlining […]

Susan Martin ran her own successful companies for over 25 years and then began to help others achieve business sanity. She helps business owners and self-employed professionals direct where they want their business to go and how to get it there, so they can be profitable and productive doing the work they love. And, she […]

Carol Sanford decodes your business’ DNA and aligns systems to it, yielding game-changing creativity, market leadership and financial returns. She assists the top companies in the world—the ones that are well-known household names. An experienced thought leader and expert that brings about innovative, meaningful and profitable change, Carol now tells us the three non-negotiable imperatives […]

Expert contract consultant, Yolanda Tucker has nearly two decades of experience negotiating and administering complicated contracts. From minorities and women, to corporate giants and government contracts, she has been there at all levels assisting her clients to successfully navigate through sometimes dangerous waters.–Yolanda tells us the 3 must do’s before signing a contract!

Growth accelerator and change agent, Diane Helbig, is an internationally recognized business and leadership development advisor, who helps companies of all sizes and industries create and implement strategies that get results. The author of Lemonade Stand Selling and Expert Insights runs the popular internet radio show Accelerate Your Business Growth which made it to Inc […]

After a bad flower delivery experience that nearly ended in a break-up with his girlfriend, college friends Ajay Kori and Jeff Sheely created UrbanStems as a solution to the everyday flower gifting blues: dead flowers, late arrivals and crazy-high prices. He learned the techniques to pitching potential investors and took his startup on a rosy […]

Founder of the Dream Business Academy, Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program, Jim Palmer hosts Dream Biz TV and Stick Like Glue Radio with 1000s of businesses and entrepreneurs in the audience. Best known internationally as the dream business coach, Jim tell us how to create a business that supports your lifestyle, next on Revenue […]