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Born in Sicily, Italy, Tony DUrso is the self-styled “Dream Business Maker” and hosts the popular show, Revenue Chat Radio, launching fall 2015, which achieved one million downloads in its first 2 years. Tony interviews Elite Entrepreneurs who provide actionable advice and insights. Episodes are generally 30 minutes.

Tony’s 2nd weekly show, The Spotlight with Tony DUrso, launched June 2017 on VoiceAmerica giving Tony a prime time one-hour weekly show on the Influencers Channel. The show focuses on Stars, Greats and Game Changers. Guests offer valuable advice and insights to the audience.

The Tony DUrso TV Show launched June 2018 is a half-hour show that focuses on successful entrepreneurs who share with the audience. This is a high-quality studio production with Emmy winner, Rich Tamayo as director.

An author in fiction and nonfiction, Tony’s latest and 4th book, Elite Entrepreneurs, topped the Amazon Bestseller List at number 2.

Academically, he graduated in the top 1 percent in the nation from La Verne University with a degree in Business Administration.
Yeah, I really was born in Sicily, and moved to Chicago at 3, hence that accent instead of Italian...I had a paper route starting at 5 years old delivering the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune. Back then it was you'd call it child labor... I was a tad small and the cart we pushed weighed a few hundred pounds when all the papers were in there. So my older brothers and I worked together until I was 8 years old. Then I could master the giant cart myself, on most days.

I'd get up at 4am every single day regardless of the weather. Believe me, Chicago is damn cold and I delivered papers for 10 years until 14 years old (when I went into fast food). Rain, sleet, powerful winds, snow, raining didn't matter. I delivered the papers every day...And every week when I got paid, all the money went to my parents to help support me.

We were 6 kids (all boys) and only my dad worked. My mom ran the house. I think I remember when I was somewhere around 5-7 years old that I heard that my dad only made $75 a week. I didn't know what that was like. I knew he needed more and hoped my few dollars a week helped...I know that when my dad retired he was making somewhere over $100 a week. The highest figure I heard was like $110 or so, but I don't know the final.

My dad took a bus to work every day, getting up at 6am himself...and he would walk the final 2-3 miles instead of paying 5 cents for a bus transfer...I could never understand that...It made no sense...Only after my dad passed away, did it ever occur to me that he paid for my oldest brother to live in the hospital for 7 years as a result of a horrible bus accident where he was run over...He said he had over 100 operations to save his leg...I can't imagine the anguish he went through, and I can't imagine how my dad paid for him back then as we had no insurance...Life was different then...So I am very glad that my few dollars a week helped somewhat...I am glad I did my part.

Every year we would give to the various Toys for Tots campaigns and get a bunch of toys to the children in hospitals during the holiday's...

Then one year we saw a growing number of homeless in our neighborhood and thought, "Why not help them out? They need it more than kids"...And, people were calling them "homeless" and I thought that wasn't right. So I called them "our neighbors." And thus "Breakfast with Our Neighbors" began...

I put out some social media posts asking people for a little help...Oh my goodness! Did I get help? On the day of the breakfast, we had literally 100s of people show up with tents, clothing, sleeping bags, food galore, supplies like crazy, you name it, we had it...And the press showed up and their photographer spent hours hanging around...We made front page and I was pleased at doing something significant...I try to repeat and give as I can...Lately, I've been giving a ton to homeless shelters such as the Salvation Army...And I usually empty my wallet when I see any "neighbors" on the streets...we all gotta help any way we can, right?

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