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Join me as I speak with sales, marketing and leadership experts: CEOs, bestselling authors, and those who made it.
What are the best sales methods, smart business strategies, and useful tips to grow a successful business no matter the economy?
What are great ways to make good income?
Broadcasting every Friday. Make it a habit to come here often and listen.

  • 26 May

    EP105. Susan Martin: 5 Simple...

    Susan Martin ran her own successful companies for over 25 years and...
  • 23 May

    First Book: Fiction or Nonfiction

    Part 2 of a Mini Series on Writing Your First Book (Go...
  • 19 May

    EP104. Carol Sanford: Three Non-Negotiable...

    Carol Sanford decodes your business’ DNA and aligns systems to it, yielding...
  • 15 May

    Writing Your First Book

    Part 1 of a Mini Series on Writing Your First Book As...
  • 12 May

    EP103. Yolanda Tucker: 3 Must...

    Expert contract consultant, Yolanda Tucker has nearly two decades of experience negotiating...
  • 10 May

    Intending For It To Happen

    Part 10 of a Mini Series on Building a Successful Business (Go...
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