The Next Big Trend with Stephen Mathai-Davis

Stephen Mathai-Davis - The Next Big Trend

Stephen Mathai-Davis, CFA, CQF, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Q dot ai, a Forbes-backed FinTech startup that recently launched Q dot ai Invest, an AI-powered robo-advisor that brings institutional-grade investing strategies to individual investors.

Both a FinTech leader and influential data scientist, Stephen was recognized as a 2020 Listmaker of the Year by Benzinga and was a finalist for Rising Star of the Year by the 2021 US FinTech Awards. He is also frequently quoted by Forbes, Fox Business, Business Insider, Nasdaq, Benzinga, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Cheddar TV and CNBC.

Since its launch in March 2021, Q dot ai has received significant attention, including being the #1 Product on Product Hunt while winning the FinTech Breakthrough Award for Best Retail Investment Platform in 2021 and the AI Breakthrough award for the Best Deep Learning Platform in 2021.

Show Notes

Stephen kind of grew up in the business. His dad was very active in institution investment during early 90s. So, he was kind of exposed to stock trading, stock investing, investing in fixed co-markets, commodities, and currencies even when he was just roughly eight or nine years old.

He was the cool kid in school talking about stocks during math class. In most of his career in institutional investment, both in asset management side and hedge fund side, he realized that there was a real problem with the marketplace.

If they look at what they were doing whether it was the asset management companies where he works at, hedge funds where he works at or the hedge fund he funds in, they realized they were really bringing cool strategies to high-net-worth individuals, tension funds, and etc.

However, on the main street, an average individual investor had no access to any of this stock. He would ask his friends how they invest or how they are trying to get started to invest.

Most of them talk about buying a million mutual funds or going in with just basic robo-advisors. These are the stuff which they laughed at on the institutional side.

Likewise, he comprehended that trying to democratize what they are doing and bringing to the retail investor to average person are real lot opportunities. Fortunately, these are what they set out to do.

These are done to tear down the wall preventing an average person from accessing institutional investing and bringing it to mass market. They are doing these through the power of AI.

All these really started when Stephen was experimenting with predictive level of purchases, which more or less what AI is. He then realized that the future at least of investing on the buy side is the institutional investment management side.

Towards the predictive level, its reason is it would lead to more probabilistic investing and theoretically better outcomes. As per him, that is where the buy side was going.

If one looks at what the average person has outside of wall street strategies, the average person will have access to stuff that were totally outdated 23 years ago in terms of the investment theoretics of the models they used.

Speaking to friends or other people made him surprisingly realize that none of them have any understanding of what he is doing at work or even realized the evolution of the technology specifically cloud computing. Listen in to learn more….

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