Winning In Your Category with Dan Granger

Dan Granger - Winning In Your Category

Dan Granger is Founder and CEO of Oxford Road, the leading independent audio agency in the U.S. They helped hundreds of DTC companies scale their efforts in audio using Podcast, Radio, Streaming, Connected Voice and more.

By offering the combined capabilities of Media, Analytics, and Creative Development, Oxford Road guarantees superior performance for brands that qualify for their services. Oxford Road was named among Inc 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies and has supported the growth of over 12 Unicorn Companies (Private companies valued over $1Billion) to date.

Through Oxford Road, Dan publishes weekly newsletter, The Influencer, and is host of The Media Roundtable, carried by PodcastOne.

As a Founding Partner of The Media Roundtable, Dan has been leading the way to mobilize marketers to promote truth and civility in ad-supported media. He is also the creator of Audiolytics™, a creative analytics process, proprietary to Oxford Road to drive maximum performance.

His writing and thought leadership has been featured in such publications as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Digiday, Business Insider, The Drum, Ad Week, and The New York Post.

Show Notes

When Dan got out of school, he moved to California to go to college and he got the entertainment bug like a lot of people. Then, he started working for a company that makes documentaries for the history channel, which he loves so much.

However, he was not learning any history. He was dealing with license agreements, sitting in traffic most of the day, running tapes around town. While he was doing those, he started turning on the different radio formats. That is because, he got sick that only one song plays on the radio repeatedly. So, he tried the AM dial. There, he started learning about the spoken word.

He found that it opened his eyes and his mind to different perspectives that he never heard before. He liked the debate, the in-depth conversations that audio allowed for that he did not feel like other media types could compete with. Indeed, it was an awakening moment for him. Afterwards, he saw some people who are very successful in sales, but he does not want to just “sell-to-sell”.

There is one bright idea that came to his mind. He thought that if there is one thing he is very passionate about and he could sell that, maybe he will become successful and he will be enjoying his life.

And that’s where spoken word audio comes into place. He thought there is much autonomy that comes with it such as managing client relationships, writing advertisements copy, managing campaigns, measuring impacts that it has on business, etc.

So, he started working for Clear Channel Radio in 2003 (now iHeart Media) which he did for about 10 years. While he was there, one of the things that he found missing was the ability to go deeper than some big boxes of genre which contrasts with the Internet.

Since everybody has website, people started doing newsletters and blogposts, one can really get in-depth about things. Audiences can get particular topics among the broad genres. For example, The Tony DUrso Show deals with entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs.


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