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Chris Duffin - The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Chris Duffin is the cofounder and chief engineer at Kabuki Strength, an organization devoted to optimizing human performance and making the world a better place through strength. He previously worked as a corporate executive and has turned around automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, and high-tech manufacturing industries.

Chris is arguably one of the strongest pound-for-pound humans in the world having been the ONLY person to Squat and Deadlift over 1000lbs for reps holding the Guinness World Record on the Sumo Deadlift.

Having been a world record holding powerlifter and the number one ranked lifter in the world for 8 years straight Chris went on to perform numerous unduplicated feats of strength to raise money for charities in exhibition events.

Insider's Brief

Here’s an Insider’s Brief about a PETA investigation that recently led to the rescue of 4,000 beagles bred for experiments.

The point of this brief is to raise awareness and to
learn how you can help dogs like them. I’m an animal lover and this is very important to me.

Meet Daniel Paden, PETA Vice President.

We discuss:

  • Why did PETA begin investigating the Envigo breeding facility?
  • How common is the practice of breeding dogs for laboratory experiments?
  • When did federal investigators and the DOJ get involved?
  • What violations did they find and what did they do?
  • How precedent-setting is this case?
  • What kind of experiments are dogs used in?
  • Are there other companies like Envigo?
  • How can listeners help stop cruel experiments on dogs?

For more information, please visit:


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