The New Leadership Playbook with Andrew Bryant & Tony DUrso

Andrew Bryant - The New Leadership Playbook

Andrew Bryant is the World’s Leading Expert on Self-Leadership and Author. He coached hundreds of leaders and leadership teams to become the best version of themselves and to scale their companies.

The tagline for his fourth book, The New Leadership Playbook, is Being Human Whilst Delivering Accelerated Results. Post pandemic everyone is looking for accelerated results but despite digital transformation and AI, the secret is about being human.

Not only has Andrew worked across geographical locations and cultures, but he transformed and developed leaders across industries, including the airline industry, software and hardware companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, professional services, banking, finance, manufacturing, hospitality, and travel.

Insider's Brief

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Meet Will Black. He wrote the book Paid in Plastic: The Art of the Steal. He’s an Amazon bestseller and sits on the boards of a number of organizations and churches.

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