The Duchess of Decorum, Pattie Ehsaei

Pattie Ehsaei - The Duchess of Decorum

Known as the “The Duchess of Decorum” by her loyal 865,000 TikTok followers, Pattie Ehsaei has established herself as the expert of “P’s and Q’s” on the platform where she has received over 3.8 MILLION likes and nearly a million followers as she teaches social and workplace etiquette, along with financial literacy.

A lawyer by trade and currently a Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions lending for a major national bank, she’s the perfect example of “tough but fair” and believes that success comes from information and empowerment.

From relationship management, business development, investment banking, and raising capital from sovereign wealth funds in private equity, Pattie has seen all sides of the industry. Within the past year, she created her TikTok account as a way to provide education, advice, and techniques to help young folks navigate their way through work, finances, social settings and more.

Show Notes

Pattie’s TikTok channel came out of the idea because she wanted to convey information to young people who didn’t know how to act in public. She is a big sister of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and did a lot of work with them.

Right before the pandemic, she was scheduled to give a few talks and speak at events. She was very eager and ready to go out to share all her knowledge.

Unfortunately, when the pandemic occurred, everything was shut down. She thought to herself she had all the great knowledge however, she didn’t know what to do with it due to the restrictions brought by the pandemic.

Later, she figured out that she could just make videos since all the kids are already engaged with TikTok, YouTube, and all other social media applications. In that way, people will be able to see her videos and hear her thoughts even though she cannot give it in person.

The whole purpose of her TikTok channel is to get information out to people. She discusses the things that she wishes she knew when she was young.

All the information she was giving to people are the things that she screwed up personally. Her database is, “what are the wrongdoings she did?” and “what she wishes she knew when she was a young person?”

Having these questions asked and answered, she believes she can navigate life a little better, and never imagined that she would be known as The Duchess of Decorum or people would want to hear what she has to say. Luckily, they do.

Her intention for doing this is not for likes, followers nor money. Her only intention is to help people. She wanted to help people navigate life and learn things that they did not know before.

And she believes her intention is fulfilled when she receives comments saying, “I went to my son’s wedding who married a very rich girl. I followed your advice so I knew what I was doing, and I looked like I knew I was doing. I did not look bad.”

She also gets messages saying, “I followed your advice about an interview, and I get hired within ten minutes.” Those type of things are so rewarding to her. That is her only intention – to help people.

Pattie hopes all people can have better lives because of what she is doing. Listen in to learn more….

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