Scaling From 1 to 100 with Henry Ma

Henry Ma - Scaling From 1 to 100

Henry Ma is a business expert who helped over 3,000 startups and established business owners in over 150 countries grow their decorated apparel businesses in his role as CEO of the embroidery machine manufacturer, Ricoma.

Named in “The Power 75” by Stitches Magazine, 5 years in a row, as one of the 75 most influential companies in the apparel decoration space, Ricoma’s mission is to make apparel decoration more accessible to individuals and businesses through their extensive products, comprehensive training, and after-hours support.

He’s an expert on topics such as hiring, content marketing, audience building, community management and more.

Show Notes

He started off in investment banking after graduating from NYU with a degree in finance and economics, but little did he know that would be something completely different from what he’s doing now.

Henry enjoyed the challenge of working in investment banking, but it was less fulfilling than he had thought in terms of growing and scaling.

He discovered that he likes to focus on more than just the financial aspects of a business. This led him to wanting to see where he could add value inside of a business to take it from 1-100. And he’s really enjoyed his journey figuring everything out along the way.

Henry took some of the lessons he learned through his career in investment banking and applied some of the financial principles to look at the financial health of a business from an ongoing standpoint. He has been able to grow in more than just the financial side of a business given his current role.

As an entrepreneur you have to enjoy the process Henry says. He grew up around sewing and embroidery machines, and his experience in investment banking helped him propel into his role today as CEO of Ricoma, an embroidery machine manufacturer.

Even though he started out with sewing machines and embroidery machines, it has branched off to a lot more.

His vision of Ricoma is to become the one stop shop and have different solutions for apparel decorators. The saying behind the scenes at Ricoma is, “as long as people wear clothes, we’re going to be in business”.

His core mission is to help entrepreneurs who want to get into the business with different technology. Whether that’s equipment, software, training and supporting them. He wants to help get them started in this business and help them scale it.


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