Extraordinary Wisdom of Awareness with Michael Benner

Michael Benner - Extraordinary Wisdom of Awareness

Michael Benner is the author of Fearless Intelligence — The Extraordinary Wisdom of Awareness and the breakthrough self-awareness training, Internal Vigilance, commissioned by the Orange County California Sheriff’s Academy in Anaheim.

He is also well known throughout Southern California for his popular “human potential” talk radio programs on KABC-AM, KLOS-FM, KLSX-FM, KCBS-FM, KRLA-AM, and currently on KPFK-FM.

With Personal Development Strategies, he provides counseling and personal development training to individuals and couples, as well as consulting and training for business executives, managers, and teams.

He has also served as the Sports Psychology Consultant for the U.S.C. Women’s Tennis Team and the Burbank Burroughs High School Baseball Team.

Show Notes

He is from the Baby Boomer generation and like so many of us, he remembers a TV being rolled into the living room when he was a child.

Michael was always fascinated with the truth, but he never believed his parents were giving him the full story. After all, kids never get in on the full deal…

He felt left out and later knew that if he majored in broadcast journalism, he would be that much closer to the truth.

Michael was an amateur radio operator in junior high school and loved the magic of the radio. He then went to Michigan State University and worked in radio news at a local radio station in Lansing, Michigan.

Five or six years into his broadcast journalism career, he began to realize that the majority of the news was government and politics. It wasn’t the truth he had been searching for.

He was doing radio until the 80s, when radio really took a turn and became politically oriented and he didn’t like that. Radio is a young person’s field, and mid-life you need to think about a second career.

Between recognizing he was getting older and needing a second career and the nature of talk radio swinging to mean and hostile, he thought “What else will I do?”

So, he took a year off. Michael moved out to a cabin in the mountains north of Los Angeles. He thought about what he would do and kept coming up with taking what you love and making that a career and that was personal development.

He started to read about psychology and philosophy. He always loved people. Whether people were joyous or mean, he was still curious about who they were.

Eventually, this led to just philosophy, which is the study of truth. He was interested in why people think the way they think, feel the way they feel, and do the things they do…


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