Nailing An Interview with Danielle Grossman and Tony DUrso

Danielle Grossman - Nailing An Interview

Danielle Grossman is a seasoned journalist and media expert, spending her whole career mastering the field, offering insight and giving a lifetime of knowledge to others.

Graduating from Temple University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism she started her career as a news anchor and reporter in Rapid City, South Dakota, eventually moving to Louisiana where she continued her career.

Danielle helped launch a brand-new NBC affiliate where she trained, hired, and guided a new team of journalists and, as a broadcast journalist for over a decade, working for NBC affiliates across the nation, she is currently a CNN journalist.

Show Notes

Danielle Grossman grew up a very inquisitive child, so it’s not much of a surprise that she landed a career in journalism. Throughout her education, she always had a passion for broadcasting and performing, and upon graduating, she found the perfect opportunity to ask questions, find answers, and present her findings on local and eventually national television.

Her first journalism job was in Rapid City, SD, and she eventually made her way across the country, working in Louisiana, Ohio, and Florida. She’s gained a wealth of expertise over the past ten years, and she’s now pivoted behind the camera and focuses on trying to help entrepreneurs and businesses elevate their brand by nailing interviews and getting the right publicity.

Danielle shares that we need to be ready for the digital age and online work world. Invest in equipment for Zoom and online interviews, such as a better microphone and proper lighting. Looking your best and being in the best light possible makes a world of difference. Dressing the part, whether in-person or online, is also crucial. Wear what’s appropriate for your type of business, but also focus on being presentable and professional.

The key is to keep the attention of the interviewer and the audience on what’s important—the questions and answers.

Preparing for your interview is another essential task. Doing research, gathering background information about the reporter, and having knowledgeable answers prepared for each topic keeps you self-assured and smooth sounding throughout your discussion.

Danielle shares that during online interviews, using sticky notes on your computer with data points and information will ensure you’re always ready with the right answers. Giving reporters questions ahead of time or requesting their questions beforehand is also a great strategy to take—the more communication with the interviewer ahead of time, the better.

A main takeaway from Danielle is to be vulnerable. Getting emotional and raw, and ditching the salesy quotes, is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Being your own PR person comes with finding a story for yourself and giving people a personal connection to your brand instead of merely pushing products and services.

Finding a way to give back and impact your community through fundraisers or events is a perfect place to start to show people you’re more than just a business. Danielle lets us know that “people buy people,” and at the end of the day, they want to love the person behind the brand.


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