Leadership and You with Werner Berger

Werner Berger - Leadership and You

Werner Berger is a Guinness World Records holder as the oldest person in the world to have climbed the seven-summits and, at 83, and still on zero meds, takes people on high altitude hikes to help resurrect their birthright of unlimited personal power and the experience to living completely in the present. Werner has been interviewed/featured on the Today Show (by Matt Bauer), CBC, CTV, plus a host of other TV shows, radio, magazines (including INC) and daily papers – in the US and in Canada.

Werner emphatically states, “Most leadership training, although essential, does not deliver the anticipated ROI, because, the “beingness of Leadership” can’t be taught. It has to be developed through experience.” For most leaders – corporate, governmental, or even parenting – this development in “being” can be correlated with “The Hero’s Journey” – which is simply a grounding, acceptance and celebration of ‘self.’

Show Notes

Werner says he had to climb mountains to really figure it all out.

Starting out as a farm boy, who literally could fix anything, with dreams to be an Olympic pole vaulter, he retired in his early 40’s, and after a few years of that, got bored, and went back to work.

Then he joined a leadership consulting firm and had his own business for 19 years.

But something was still gnawing at him. In trying to figure out what was wrong, he started climbing mountains.

And that was where he had the epiphany on what true leadership was all about: it cannot be taught.

The capacity for leadership has to be developed. The most effective leaders transitioned through their inner journey and knew what they stood for, and knew when they needed to stand back.

True leaders embraced two powers: Purpose; knowing where they were going. And, the power of empathy. And none of that can be taught.

We talk about being in the moment. When you are up there, in a mountain, you are super-focused on what you are doing, and on your surroundings. It’s like you are being there now-now-now. And it is with this clarity, being there in the moment, that you really begin to find yourself and discover some amazing gems about yourself and your life.

And on that mountain, when you are confronted with something that impedes your progress, instead of getting emotional, angry, and so forth, you ask, “what do I do next?”


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