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Matthew Warzel - Job Hunting Advice

Matthew Warzel, CPRW is a certified resume writing expert with over 15 years in Human Resources & career advancement techniques. He manages MJW Careers & provides assistance to companies in transition from downsizes to buyouts as well as individual job seekers needing to advance their careers. Matt has a long history working in Human Resources & on recruitment/staffing teams across a variety of industries.

He fashions a resume that allows employers to review the applicant’s assets while highlighting his or her accomplishments, showcasing impacts on the employer’s bottom lines using quantitative verbiage, & maintaining brevity. Matt & MJW Careers have been featured in media & publications that include Forbes, Money, AARP, SHRM, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Australia, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Life, Glassdoor, The Ladders, Monster, Fatherly, Dollar Sprout, The Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, LongIslandWeekly, MSN Money, Healthline, FairyGodBoss, The Tony DUrso Show & many more.

Show Notes

His story of how he landed a job in a brand-new industry is remarkable. He didn’t even know what the company did, and after multiple interviews, he actually got the job in this staffing firm. Meanwhile, he thought it had something to do with technology. After being interviewed for 3 hours by 5 different people, he got the job!

That must have been his calling and he heard the call as he is now on top of his game in this field. And so he stayed for the money, which was a great amount for someone so young, but then he wound up being very good at it and loving it. That kept him in the industry.

His purpose switched from making a great living money-wise to really helping people get the job and get into a career they really like, and get into a satisfying and fulfilling life’s work.

On CVs and resumes, you have to pass the 7 second test. That’s how long the hiring manager looks at your resume before deciding whether to read more or set it aside. Being creative on getting hired really helps to cut through all the noise and clutter.

I love that Venmo story. Did you get how that got the attention of the hiring person? It’s guerilla-style job hunting.

For your resume, no graphs, no borders, no photos, no pictures, no frames, no text boxes, but you can include your portfolio. Get to the point on what you’re going to do for them.

After your contact information, put in a three-sentence summary of what can you do for them. What’s your biggest value to the company?

The last sentence is what you are going to do and how you are going to be successful for them. Then sprinkle in 9 key skills that relate to the job opening. I know it sounds like a recipe, but you know what? It really is.

Matthew lays down the detail item by item on keywords and why and how it all works. How brilliant of him to deeply educate us on this!

And if you are hiring people, now you have a better feel of how the hiring people bring job applicants to you. Fascinating.

Matthew continued to give point by point on how to get that job interview and we went over time. If you want to hear the rest of what Matthew has to say, go to my Member Site. The title is: Bonus Content – Job Hunting Advice with Matthew Warzel.

You can also ask me anything about that interview or anything else,* in the forum on my member site. — I’ll see you there.
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