EP12. How To 10X Your Business by Scott Hansen

Scott Hansen - How To 10X Your Business

As a speaker, Scott is “high energy” and full of passion. Companies and organizations hire Scott to Inspire, Motivate, and Educate their audience on how to take their business to new heights, how to design a Successful Life, and the importance of becoming a 21st Century Leader.

In addition to being interviewed across multiple radio stations and podcasts, he is a contributing writer at Entrepreneur.com and Biznews.com. He’s also the creator of Success Hackers, one of the most popular business podcasts on ITunes, downloaded in multiple countries.

All right, get ready for a high energy interview with business advice with Scott.


  • How can you pursue your passion even after multiple failures?
  • What do you like to talk about/spend time doing on a natural basis and how that relates to your passion?
  • Chatter: The doubts in your mind and what to do about it?
  • How to find the right person for constructive criticism about you pursuing your passion?
  • What drives you when you feel like giving up?
  • The real secret in accomplishing goals and why a money goal is not as successful as you would think?
  • Which is more successful and why: short term or long term goal?
  • Where do we start in order to 10x our business?
  • Some great take-aways that he gives to paying clients.

This is a fun, high energy interview with Scott Hansen, High Performance Coach. He says, “Be Great Today.”


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