EP11. Mayer Dahan, Financial Non-Conformist and Revolutionist

Mayer Dahan - Financial Non-Conformist and Revolutionist

dpFlyerA self-proclaimed creative conformist and home development revolutionist, Mayer was able to build and sell more homes than ever before, despite
the housing collapse in the late 2000s.

His homes are not only beautiful, which you can see on some of our slides, but they are also a way to raise public awareness about energy efficiency, the use of solar power, and the importance of quality materials.

In 2013 Mayer created The Dream Builders Project, a charity with the goal of giving back to the community. He hosts Charity Flash Mobs, formal galas and other philanthropic functions throughout the year, for the purposes of raising awareness for many causes such as child abuse, the homeless, and those with chronic illnesses and diseases among others.

Mayer shares his winning non-conformist approach, right here.


  • How were you able to continue building homes even when the market wasn’t strong?
  • How innovation saw them to success when other businesses were collapsing.
  • How building the home in an eco-friendly manner reduces both electricity and water bills.
  • How you wouldn’t even know his new built homes have solar panels.
  • For people who are hearing this and nurturing their own entrepreneurial dream, what’s your advice for getting started–or taking their dream to the next level?
  • The opportunity for those in real estate, including those who buy and sell homes for a living.
  • How and why giving back to the community is important in success.
  • What inspired you to start The Dream Builders Project?
  • What is meant by his catch phrase, “Money should be invested in a cause, rather than the person who made it”?

I loved this interview with Mayer Dahan, CEO of Prime Five Homes!


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