EP13. Get the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing by Evan Weber

Evan Weber - Get the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

1610809_10153306212633720_5279031228451467960_nEvan has been involved in e-commerce and digital marketing for more than 17 years and part of several successful start-ups and Internet ventures. Currently, he runs the
digital marketing agency he founded in 2007 and has partnerships in other Internet companies.

He is known as an expert in most aspects of digital marketing and social media, and takes a lot of pride in living up to his reputation as the hardest working guy in digital marketing. He is a recognized conference speaker and content producer.

Evan works with clients on their overall online marketing strategies and introduces them to new e-commerce technologies. He stays on the cutting-edge of digital marketing and focuses on delivering unrivaled value and ROI for his agency’s clients.

Evan shares the latest trends in digital marketing, here on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • What are the latest trends in digital marketing?
  • How do you deliver social media ROI?
  • Why is website conversion rate optimization so important to digital advertising?
  • Do trust logo’s have any bearing on your business?
  • Does Facebook advertising work for companies?
  • A better place to buy lower priced keywords, which are more effective.
  • How do you make pay per click search advertising work for clients?
  • What is visitor retargeting and why do companies need it?
  • Any advice for the small business or start up?

A highly informative interview with Evan Weber, CEO Experience Advertising. Known as the Hardest Working Guy in Digital Marketing.


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