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Mark Kilens - Go Fast & Take Chances

Mark Kilens is Chief Marketing Officer of event-led engagement platform, Airmeet, leading a global team of marketing professionals who are working to advance the event-led growth movement across the B2B events category.

Prior to joining Airmeet, he served as VP of Content and Community at Drift, and oversaw Drift Insider, a community of 50,000+ members. He also previously held the title of VP of Marketing at HubSpot and went on to build HubSpot Academy from the ground up, which led the company to surpass $600 Million USD in revenue.

Insider's Brief

Here’s an Insider’s brief on skilling up and expanding the workforce.

Over the last two years, the workplace has seen some drastic changes to accommodate for working from home. Many organizations were forced to expedite their digital transformations, thus introducing new advanced technologies. The issue that continues to be raised by this rapid transformation is the difficulty of finding candidates with the right set of skills.

  • With us is Kelli Jordan; Director, Career, Skills, and Performance at IBM.
  • Tell us about this apprenticeship and what’s so unique about it?
  • How do apprenticeships help address the labor shortage and create a more equitable workforce?
  • What types of skills does a person need to apply to the apprenticeship program?
  • Why was it important for IBM to start a program like this?
  • Do you have any examples of IBM apprenticeships?

Find out more at ibm.biz/usapprenticship.com


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