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Jay Haynes - Getting Jobs Done

Jay Haynes is the Founder & CEO of Thrv, the first and only Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) software for product, marketing, and sales teams.

Jay’s advancements enable product teams to dramatically increase their effectiveness in using jobs-to-be-done to reduce roadmap risk, accelerate revenue growth, and generate superior equity value.

JTBD product management helps CEOs align their product teams with customers and focus their company’s product development on exploiting competitor weaknesses from the view of the customer.

As an Award-winning executive with three decades of innovation experience, Jay’s customers include Microsoft, Dropbox, eBay, Twitter, American Express, Oracle, Target, and Viacom.

Show Notes

He started his journey in the finance world, buying companies, paying attention to if and how they innovated. He later did a stint at Microsoft hoping they had a system for innovation and found, surprisingly most companies do not have this figured out.

The state of the art back then was to ask customers what features they wanted, which really didn’t work well.

Moving on to venture companies he thought they had the secrets for this. While he learned everything he could, he again, found little insufficient systems in place to innovate.

He was fortunate to study with Clay Christiansen from Harvard Business School, the world’s foremost authority on disruptive innovation, who spent the later part of his years working on Jobs-to-be-Done.

It is that method which Jay determined would be better to innovate; being better for companies, for entrepreneurs. This is the method Jay saw as really helping companies align with their customers.

The formation of Thrv then became the quest of finding a scientific process to be able to innovate successfully, the essence of Jobs-to-be-Done.

Crediting, or blaming, his dad, who started him on his technical journey by bringing home an Apple computer one day. – Thus the roots of his company now: technical meets innovation.


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