EP14. Get Simplified Stock Market Insights by Wally Olopade

Wally Olopade - Get Simplified Stock Market Insights

Bouncing StockWally is the senior instructor and founder of Right Side Trading, a stock market trading school that focuses on technical analysis of the stock market. They have no affiliations to Wall Street, instead, they are regular individual traders like you.

In July of 2015, Wally correctly predicted the global market crash of August 2015 and warned his students about it ahead of time. And again in September of 2015, in an article on Yahoo Finance, Wally accurately predicted the huge plunge in price of Best Buy stock. Within less than 3 weeks, the value of Best Buy shares plunged as reports of insider selling surfaced in the media.

Articles about him and his analysis have been featured on financial websites such as Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Benzinga, Wikinvest, and more. He is a continuing guest and expert speaker about the stock market on various radio talk shows and online conferences.

His students range from young to old and they rave about how he has simplified the complex nature of the market in a way that regular traders with or without a background in the stock market can understand and trade with confidence.

Get simplified stock market insights by Wally Olopade here on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • Can you tell us about the stock market in the most simplest of terms?
  • You speak about the stock market being like a huge ATM machine, what do you mean by that?
  • It looks like you are more focused on the technical analysis of stocks rather than the fundamentals of a stock, what is the difference and why choose one over the other?
  • You mention that trading the stock market is better than real estate or starting a business. Why should anyone choose the stock market instead?
  • Most people fear losing in the stock market, what is the biggest concern you get from people about it?
  • Is it true that people can rent their stocks? And you believe it’s easier than renting real estate, why is that?
  • It is a very common practice in real estate to flip properties; do you teach how to flip stocks at your school?
  • The concept of BOGO, buy one get one, is very common in the retail industry, how does that apply in the stock market?
  • Is it true that people can really get residual income with stocks? How does that work?

This is quite an interview with Wally Olopade, Founder of Right Side Trading, a stock market trading school!


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