EP71. Doren Aldana: How To Build Your Business At The SPEED Of TRUST!

Doren Aldana - How To Build Your Business At The SPEED Of TRUST!

Long term professional marketer Doren Aldana is a master at marketing and helping clients attract more repeat and referral business, but he went another step beyond:

He created the #1 software for helping local businesses collect and share client reviews—and all of it on autopilot.

Doren dedicates himself to helping business owners attract more clients with less effort, regardless of market conditions. His life mission is to inspire and equip people to create an extraordinary life ­­full of passion, purpose and prosperity.

Doren to tell us how to build your business at the SPEED of TRUST, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • 02:53 How it all started for Doren Aldana, CEO of MyTestimonialEngine.com.
  • 03:14 Learning from a Michael Jackson concert fiasco.
  • 04:54 The start of an entrepreneur and MLM issues leaving him no friends.
  • 05:41 These failures trained him in sales, marketing and leadership.
  • 06:04 Learning from Anthony Robbins.
  • 07:13 Learning the power of the review.
  • 07:57 Seeking out ways to systematize the review process instead asking manually.
  • 08:11 The birth of the testimonial engine.
  • 09:59 Why bother getting reviews and testimonials?
  • 11:10 What his six-year old did to replace his teddy bear.
  • 11:36 How to get customers pre-cooked, pre-tenderized, pre-sold, and pre-disposed in working with you.
  • 12:01 How do reviews fit in with businesses that are not brick and mortar?
  • 13:07 Getting an instant pay raise by this activity.
  • 15:06 Making a review booklet and why.
  • 15:35 Studies show consumers believe what your customers say 12 times more than what you claim!
  • 16:12 What are the best ways businesses get reviews on all the many social media sites out there?
  • 16:35 The one thing not to do when wanting a review.
  • 19:10 How to handle bad reviews?
  • 24:01 How can you use these reviews to get more referrals?
  • 25:58 About the Magic Wand Letter.
  • 27:49 The main thing you want to think about is having a system where . . .
  • 28:20 It’s all about leverage and focusing on the vital few . . .
  • 28:59 The mission critical cog. Use this to continually improve your reputation.
  • 29:58 This gets your positive testimonials and reviews to live feed on your website. Copy, Paste and Boom!
  • 31:23 Free course on getting and handling reviews at MyTestimonialEngine.com
  • 32:11  FREE For Revenue Chat Audience: The Ultimate Testimonial Toolkit with excellent 1st class short cuts, templates, scripts, training, resources, and templates for easy execution: MyTestimonialEngine.com/tony
  • 34:07 What drives Doren or MyTestimonialEngine to keep on?
  • 34:50 Insightful quote of Zig Ziglar.
  • 35:09 Listen to inspirational motivational content. Start being a seeker of wisdom.
  • 37:28 “Make each day your masterpiece” legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden, NCAA basketball most winning coach.
  • 38:07 Three things for your masterpiece day.
  • 39:17 Insightful quote by Jim Rohn, “Discipline weighs an ounce, regret weighs tons.”

Doren provides a very insightful and very enlightening interview full of wisdom, inspirational quotes, and awesome takeaways you can apply now to build your business at the speed of trust. Very memorable!


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