EP70. Ken Goodgames: Changing the Game on Financial Literacy

Ken Goodgames - Changing the Game on Financial Literacy

Ken has “been there, done that” around the world in assisting in the global market in terms of expansion, start-ups, leadership, strategy & execution.

He built and managed highly successful, high-performance teams for Fortune 100 corporations and is experienced and successful with international business practices and protocols in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

He has now taken his hard-won knowledge of positioning and transforming organizations for sustained growth, increasing shareholder value and refining business infrastructures into a user-friendly mobile application to help users on their way to financial literacy and independence.

Ken helps us Change the Game on Financial Literacy, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • 03:54 Started off in consumer credit counseling.
  • 04:57 In first two years re-branded to Transformance, Inc.
  • 05:20 Creating of the Classroom Without Boundaries.
  • 06:32 Helping with financial literacy model was created around financial issues and crises.
  • 07:40 How do we help individuals change behaviors and not regress back into past poor conduct?
  • 08:34 Why it makes sense to proactively collaborate with other organizations of all types?
  • 09:10 Creation of the integrated services delivery model.
  • 10:26 Why people aren’t as financially literate as they should be?
  • 12:56 Some of our clients trying to figure out how to make it through a financially challenging event.
  • 13:32 We create a plan to help them get to the next step.
  • 14:13 We have shown we can help people improve their credit scores.
  • 15:26 As they see their credit scores improve, they also see access to good opportunities.
  • 15:41 What kind of time frame of education does it take the average person to get into a better financial life?
  • 16:50 Challenging questionable credit marks.
  • 18:01 How do you use technology and all the resources available today in helping people financially?
  • 18:52 You gotta have technology to be supportive of the behavioral changes you expect to see.
  • 19:03 About the free PocketChange app—a game-ified approach to learning.
  • 22:37 Details on the 4 primary features of the free PocketChange app from pocketchangeusa.org. Learn. Play. Plan. Connect.
  • 25:48 The play feature on the free PocketChange app makes the subject of money less threatening.
  • 26:47 What makes the free PocketChange app so unique is everyone deals with money sometime.
  • 27:19 Improve your knowledge of how money works in the real world and put that knowledge into practice.
  • 28:18 To get wealth you have to surround yourself with wealth and why.
  • 28:38 Great advice on how to get more money.
  • 29:16 Info on the rise of the lower class right before our eyes.
  • 30:58 The greater percentage of the population doesn’t know enough about money.
  • 31:51 Is it too late to learn enough about money whether too old or technology-challenged?
  • 33:37 Further advice and takeaways on dealing with money.
  • 34:41 Success story on the PocketChange app and learning about money.
  • 36:07 What bodes for the future for Transformance and the PocketChange app.
  • 40:06 Download the free PocketChange app and get started along the path of being able to create a plan to save or improve your credit score.

Ken describes his approach to financial literacy by a free app that teaches us all about money in a relaxed fun filled setting, which includes learning while playing games. The app is free. Check it out.


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