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EP69. Sandra Fidelis: The Consistent Cash-Flow Formula

Sandra, says, “My mission is to provide you with a launch pad to create your empire, to help women like you build successful, sustainable businesses that march hand-in-hand with your dreams and talents – and that bring unbridled joy, satisfaction and cash. It’s what I do.”

She is the online business empire designer for women who want to be in the top 5 percent.

Sandra shares her Consistent Cash-Flow Formula, on this episode of Revenue Chat.


  • 02:31 How it all started for Sandra Fidelis of SandraFidelis.com
  • 04:16 The world of tele-summits on marketing to people everywhere.
  • 05:26 The birth of business coaching for entrepreneurs.
  • 06:31 The reasons business owners struggle to gain traction in their business.
  • 08:26 The first thing to improve when you are struggling with an area of your business, whether leads or whatever.
  • 10:10 Determining what is not working in your marketing or creating a bottleneck.
  • 11:01 Getting an expert to come look under the hood.
  • 12:02 Wasting time, money and energy trying to figure it out on your own vs getting help.
  • 12:54 Getting mentored or not is like the old day apprenticeships.
  • 13:46 Having your own business is a constant evolution.
  • 14:12 Getting a mentor to help you up-level and why, unless you’re making 7 digit income.
  • 15:09 Marketing activities to get more prospects.
  • 15:30 Connecting live is so powerful and why.
  • 17:13 Networking events and the focus on connecting on a personal level.
  • 17:39 What is a powerful method to bring in clients and why?
  • 18:09 Webinars, tele-classes, virtual workshops and consultants—their effectiveness in quality clients.
  • 18:39 What to do if you are in a draught for clients or in a slump?
  • 23:03 Here are some activities to stay away from that you should not be doing.
  • 25:05 If you try to get clients only from Facebook, or think you should, check this out first.
  • 27:21 The use of VAs to work IN your business while you work ON your business.
  • 29:49 Awesome purpose and goal ahead for Sandra.
  • 32:34 Specific advice for women who want to get into the top 5%.
  • 34:50 Special advice for Women And Men who want to get ahead.
  • 35:53 Get the 4 Steps to Fully Booked Worksheet!—Free for everyone at SandraFidelis.com. Get it now while available!

Sandra provides simple yet powerful advice to any entrepreneur, startup or business owner who wants to get to the next level. A must-listen episode! Make sure you get that free worksheet while it is still available!


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