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Ryan Estes -

Ryan Estes is co-founder of Kitcaster. He’s owned a media & marketing agency for the last 10 years. For eight of those years he hosted the founders podcast Talklaunch. Consistently ranked in the iTunes “Top 100” podcasts, he’s recorded 300+ interviews with more than a quarter million downloads.

He attributes $1M+ in revenue as a direct result from podcasts and believes the medium possesses a giant opportunity for entrepreneurs. Together with Brandy Whalen, their mission is to put the world’s top startup founders on the world’s top podcasts and let them share their stories with a wider audience. If you have an amazing story to tell, they’d love to help you share it with the world.

Brandy Whalen -

Brandy Whalen says, “I am a shiny object chaser. Excited by new challenges and new opportunities. Each day, I get to hear founder stories, entrepreneurial journeys and ideas that are not fully formed, and that is what drives me to do what I do. I don’t care whether you started a junk collection service or launched a clothing brand—equally exciting to me.

“My passion is creating and sharing compelling stories for companies of all shapes and sizes.” Together with Ryan Estes, their mission is to put the world’s top startup founders on the world’s top podcasts and let them share their stories with a wider audience. If you have an amazing story to tell, they’d love to help you share it with the world.

Show Notes

There are so many podcasts. I am sure that because of last years events, so many more people are podcasting, and you should.

However, when you are asked to get on a podcast, or you reach out to a podcaster to talk about yourself, your new book, your company and so forth, do you know the podcast’s metrics? Do you know how many listeners? And what countries they are strong in, Among other pertinent questions?

I’ve been on a few interviews and I was surprised. I was told how big the audience was and so I jumped on the podcast, only to find a tiny audience listening that I could count on one hand.

I’m not against that, because everyone has to grow, but you sometimes have to gauge your time and effort and that is the point.

It’s simply a matter of how much time you have to spend, and how much time you can put into getting interviewed. So it really has to count when you’re running things really fast. I hope that’s clear.

And the reason I brought Brandy & Ryan onto the show, is that they curate your needs and bring you to the right shows that will give you more of what you want for your company.

There’s a point where everyone needs to be more discerning, and a company like this delivers exactly what’s needed and more.

I like how Brandy talks about the experience her clients get when they do a podcast interview. The person becomes much more real to people. As she says, they become humanized. If you’ve been on this side of the fence, you really get it and how powerful it is to get interviewed on a podcast.

Podcasts get a lot more traction and engagement in the social feeds as opposed to industry mentions.

That’s a great point. You don’t necessarily know what traction you get on a press release or a mention in some periodical. But you surely know when you get engagement in the key social media sites. This is very true.

The engagement is faster, and more gratifying.

The “connecting to the human behind the brand” is so important as Brandy states. And in listening to podcasts, she becomes much more interested in the brand, and the person, because of that podcast connection. Otherwise that person and brand could go unnoticed.

Ryan says that podcasting is the salve to soothing society. Very eloquently spoken.

He states there seems to be some negative toxicity built into social media for some reason. Whereas podcasting is the opposite in that it encourages us to extend the other way which is to be healing and nurturing and supportive.

He is so right about even when you have somewhat opposing forces, when you bring them together in a podcast, you get more of a meeting in the middle. Don’t you agree?

Podcasting brings intimate conversations between strangers, often, into everyone’s headphones. And that leads to healing for our culture.

At a time when people feel so disconnected, podcasting is a coming together of humans and having real conversations with each other.


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