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Jamie Mustard - Becoming Iconic

Jamie Mustard is a strategic multimedia consultant and Iconist. A graduate of the London School of Economics, Jamie’s work is an explanation of the “economics of attention,” based on the primal laws of human perception. His work has appeared in Thrive Global, Branding Strategy Insider, Psychology Today, and FLAUNT Magazine.

He has spoken, educated, and inspired prolifically with his work, including TED at the creative giant, Wieden and Kennedy. He is a 2019 Owl Award Winner for Outstanding Works of Literature. – Jamie says, “Getting others to focus on your offering is the most important thing in a world overloaded with content.”

Show Notes

For someone to be basically neglected by parents, and grow up in the dirt poor sections of the Los Angeles area, it’s hard to get my head around the fact that with basically a 2nd grade education, and semi-literate in his late teens, he endured, learned how to stand out and graduated from the London School of Economics.

And today he consults some of the top CEOs, musicians, artists and brands in the world on the subject of Standing Out.

Why do you discard one thing and pay attention to another? What are the primal laws that get us to pay attention to anything at all?

For someone who was basically quite invisible in his early days, he mastered the most amazing topic of all topics that I can imagine: The topic of getting noticed above anything and everything else.

We indeed have information overload. This is actually what got me to podcast and bring Elite Entrepreneurs to you: It was the fact that you can’t listen to everybody’s lectures, take everyone’s classes, read everyone’s books, watch everyone’s videos, webinars, and so forth. It’s just not possible in one lifetime.

Thus, I bring to you a curated set of top entrepreneurs that can and do help you right now in your life & business.

That’s why this interview is indeed pivotal to all of our successes in our life & business.

And with this information overload, the information content has exploded.

In 1950 you would have been hit with about 250 advertising messages a day.

In 1970 that was up to about 500 messages a day.

By the late ‘90s, that was up to about 5-7000 advertising messages a day.

And now, today, it’s said that it is about 10-15,000 advertising messages a day.

When there is so much content, you are processing things differently.

Linda Stone, in the late 90s, doing research for Microsoft & Apple, coined the term, “continuous partial attention” to talk about how we are so bombarded for our attention, that we are only partially paying attention.

And that’s just the first 10 minutes. — Listen to this and take notes. There is so much KEY information to Standing Out.


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