EP31. Advanced Social Media, Entrepreneur, SEO & Secrets to Success by Alex Genadinik

Alex Genadinik - Advanced Social Media, Entrepreneur, SEO & Secrets to Success

Alex always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Even in college he always dabbled in different kinds of creative business projects. Since he studied Computer Science, he was able to create many of the ideas that came to him.

At first his ideas used to fail gloriously, but as he kept trying different things and learning, Alex’s ideas began succeeding and he was eventually able to build a successful business.

Today Alex spends a lot of his time and effort coaching and educating entrepreneurs who are just starting out so that they don’t make many of the mistakes he made along the way, and can succeed with their businesses.

His websites are problemio.com and glowingstart.com.

He personally helped over 1000 entrepreneurs and now helps you on this episode of Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • How he got over 1 million downloads of mobile apps.
  • How he used chats to find out what people needed.
  • How and why you should do SEO in non-Google areas?
  • How to make use of your resources and be the sniper in SEO?
  • Teaching 72 courses to nearly 50,000 students. How did you grow so large?
  • With 15 books on Amazon with 3 bestsellers-how can others succeed in writing books?
  • Strategy to building a sustainable audience.
  • His awesome Secrets of Success.
  • Insightful comments on Gary Vaynerchuk‎‎ and Mark Cuban.

What a great interview with Alex! He is a serious mover and shaker and highly productive. Amazing!


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