EP32. 62 Ways to Enhance Your Professional Reputation by Rosalinda Randall

Rosalinda Randall - 62 Ways to Enhance Your Professional Reputation

With a humorous and straightforward manner, Rosalinda simplifies how civility and etiquette play a role in the workplace and how easy it is to apply to any situation such as:

  • Revive your workplace atmosphere.
  • Enhance your customers’ experience.
  • Support HR policies.
  • Easily Assimilate new hires.
  • Strengthen staff relationships.

She has made several television appearances across the country and has the dream of being a regular guest on a television show, and she is well on her way.

Learn a number of ways to enhance your professional reputation on this episode of Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • Workplaces are casual-does it really matter what you wear to work?
  • How can I say “No” without coming across as rude or unhelpful?
  • People talk about “bullying” in the workplace—what does that mean?
  • If someone I just met refers to me using a nickname, should I correct them?
  • Cubicle style offices: How do you politely get someone to leave?
  • What are some common distractions during a meeting and how to handle?
  • Is it okay to sit and wait for someone if they aren’t in their cubicle?
  • What are some of your networking tips?
  • Inspiration – what drives you?

What a cool show with Rosalinda! There was so much to talk about. We only covered a small portion of what I wanted to discuss. I hope to have her back on again to continue our chat!


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