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According to Leslie Pappas, author of the book Cashing In Tax Free, real estate investors can make one decision that creates more profits in selling their property AND creates a Tax Free Retirement Cash Flow. She educates Accredited Investors how to grow a new and diversified portfolio using alternative Real Estate Investment.–Leslie tells us how […]

Three-Time Amazon bestselling author David Barnett returns after writing another bombshell: How To Sell My Own Business. An educator in the field of local investing and small business transactions, David is achieving his big dream by having multiple income streams. Now, he shares how you can privately sell your own business.

Amanda Goldman-Petri declares war on the term “hustle.” She is the go-to international “work smarter, not harder” marketing coach for online entrepreneurs who want to create a sustainable business. Working smarter, not harder gives you more money and more freedom.–Amanda tells us how to market like a nerd!

International speaker on the topics of radical influence, publicity, networking and referrals, Jill Lublin is the author of 3 best selling books including Get Noticed…Get Referrals. Through her strategic consulting firm she’s helped over 100,000 people. A master strategist on how to position your business for more profitabili ty and more visibility in the marketplace, […]

Ken Goodgames, the CEO of Texas based Transformance, Inc. provides fully integrated financial coaching. His new app takes you on a personal journey to financial literacy and independence where you can Learn, Play, Plan and Connect. If you are one of the many who don’t seem to have enough to go around, then this show […]

With over 22 years experience, tax expert Craig Smalley helps you better understand the tax code and solve tax related issues. From the solopreneur to the multi-million dollar corporation, this former Orlando Finance Examiner has 12 books published dealing extensively with all number of tax questions and issues.

David Chevalier is a 28+ year veteran in the marketing industry. His biggest success is in building and leading national leadership teams along his varied career or serving in senior executive positions in domestic and international corporations.

Robinn Lange: Entertainer, agent, talent broker, promoter and producer. He’s been there, done that, and teaches others to do the same. Successful as a Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, Comedian, TV Personality, Game Show Host and Stage Hypnotist he is fully established in the entertainment industry and runs a full service agency promoting and producing […]

Ajay Prasad, the Humble Founder of Global Marketing Resources, a California website design, maintenance and marketing agency is a successful entrepreneur and business strategist with a plethora of experience in helping small and medium size businesses maximize their return on investment from the Internet. His contribution is aimed at aligning website strategy of a business […]

Mitch Russo returns for another segment. This time as the CEO/Founder of PowerTribes, which finds hidden assets in companies turning them into Superstars making consistent recurring revenue with no product upgrade, new releases and not depending on anything else to generate revenue.