The Power of Leveraging Relationships with James Ziegler & Tony DUrso

James Ziegler - The Power of Leveraging Relationships

For 48 years, Jim Ziegler’s been a recognized industry, writer, magazine columnist, professional speaker, and super performer…following a record setting sales career, F&I manager/director and General Sales Manager with some of the top automobile dealerships in the country.

Some of his notable professions are: Associate Professor teaching Automotive General Management at Northwood University & Northwood university.
Worked with more than 15,000 dealerships nationwide and is an Eagle Scout.

Jim teaches seminars on F&I, sales management, sales, and Internet marketing. He’s worked in more than 1000 showrooms in 200 cities in 49 states.

Insider's Brief

Here’s an Insider’s Brief about what employers need to do for 2023.

As we head into a new year, the one challenge facing every chief executive is how to best move forward in a post-pandemic world. The way we work has changed dramatically and the economy has shifted radically.

The question is: Where do we go from here?

Meet Xavier Mufraggi, CEO of YPO.

We discuss:

  • What were the results of the YPO Global Pulse report and what is top of mind of CEOs heading into 2023?
  • CEO confidence regarding their outlook for their business in 2023 is down 20% compared to last year. What was the key driver behind this shift in confidence?
  • How important is company culture and what are CEOs experiencing?
  • How do business leaders feel about the dramatic shift from in office to remote and hybrid settings?
  • What are they doing to support their employees to make these approaches work more effectively.
  • How are CEOs working together to meet these challenges?


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