EP16. Surviving in a Financial Catastrophe by Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger - Surviving in a Financial Catastrophe

UbuntuUp to now, all of my shows have been on how to generate revenue, how to increase and grow your business and so forth. But what if our basic financial system has another meltdown?

In 2008 the U.S. suffered the worst economic depression since the Great Depression.

It is no secret that financial pundits are predicting the fall of the U.S. Dollar as
the Global Reserve Currency. The U.S. is expected to drop down to a position equivalent to the end of the British Empire in the post-World War II period per Jim Rickards, a Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor for both the Pentagon and CIA who makes serious predictions about our financial future.

Another factor that can bring financial collapse is through solar flares. NASA stated, “a powerful coronal mass ejection (CME) tore through Earth’s orbit on July 23, 2012.” — “If the eruption had occurred only one week earlier, Earth would have been in the line of fire.” If this had hit the earth, we would have seen serious power blackouts, and the grid going down, if not more serious consequences to humanity. This means all financial institutions could be shut down. A man-made EMP could have similar destructive capabilities depending on where it is detonated.

Michael Tellinger gives insight on how to do business and survive in a financial catastrophe here on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • How did an ancient civilization explorer and scientist find out about the basics of money? Michael talks about his significant findings about our history and how money played a part from the beginning.
  • In ancient Sumerian texts, the oldest transcribed language that we have today in millions of clay tablets, we find phenomenal information about the ancient past.
  • He brings up the concept of a world without money. How can it be done? In fact, this concept is already in use in some parts of the world, and this concept is always in action every time there is a catastrophe or major humanitarian crisis.
  • How to change the system so you don’t need money to buy things. Get all you want. Get everything you need. Everyone is taken care of with no shortage.
  • A new idea of contributionism, not barter or exchange, which negates the need for money completely, while providing abundance for all and not just the few.
  • How to come up with a people’s bank that is tax free, interest free, and no need for inflation of any kind.
  • The concept to focus on abundance and not the alleviation of debt or poverty, but to allow everyone to have all they want, and to live a more fun, happy life.
  • How to eliminate slavery to fees, debts, interest rates, and all types of financial charges levied on society.

Fascinating interview with Michael Tellinger, best-selling author, scientist, explorer, and real-life Indiana Jones!


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