EP17. Safely Invest in Businesses with Superior Returns by David Barnett

David Barnett - Safely Invest in Businesses with Superior Returns

Final BookCoverImageHis big dream is to become infinitely wealthy by having passive income streams that exceed his monthly living expenses and he is well on his way.

David is an author and educator in the field of local investing and small
business transactions. He had careers in business brokerage, finance brokerage, commercial banking and business to business sales. In 2014 he released his Amazon Best-selling book, Invest Local, which teaches readers how to safely invest in local small businesses and get superior returns without exposing themselves to increased risk.

David got a fancy university business degree and then spent the next 10 years un-learning his degree while he figured out how small businesses really work.

After a career in advertising, which let him peek inside the workings of hundreds of small businesses, he began the first of several advisory practices in 2006.

David teaches how to safely invest in local small businesses and get superior returns without exposing themselves to increased risk on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • How to get banks to refer customers to you and why they will gladly do this?
  • How to set up private lending so that even in a possible default, you still get paid even if the loanee defaults on their bank and other loans?
  • How do you find your first deal?
  • How to use your industry knowledge to make successful investments that do not compete with your business?
  • How big should your deals be, and how many should you do before you really crank on this?
  • How much should you have set aside in savings before even thinking about doing this?
  • What to do if the investment goes bad or starts to skid? What is the first warning sign of a bad deal?
  • What is the maximum percentage of your portfolio to invest in small local businesses no matter your success?
  • What other assets can you safely invest in beyond stocks and bonds?

I loved this interview with David Barnett, two-time Amazon best selling author. He is very money-smart!


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