Six Habits of Success with Laura DiBenedetto & Tony DUrso

Laura DiBenedetto - Six Habits of Success

She’s an ordinary person who’s been through the ringer and came out swinging. She doesn’t consider herself to be special, and because she’s done great things with her life as an ordinary person, she’s on a mission to show you how to build the extraordinary from right where you are now, just in case you’re ordinary too.

She started a successful marketing business at 19 and accumulated 18 awards, two torch awards, and the forty under 40 award at age 23.

Laura DiBenedetto is America’s Happiness Coach and the #1 Bestselling Author of The Six Habits, CEO of Vision Advertising, and TEDx Speaker.

Show Notes

Laura DiBenedetto found success early on, starting her career at 19 years old by founding her own company. Thirteen years in, she was tired, stressed, and burned out. She needed an exit strategy and brought in someone else to run the company. Suddenly, she went from CEO to not knowing what to do next, and although she triumphed in business, she found herself depressed in her personal life.

Laura began wondering, “what is happiness, really?” She conducted research and studies about true happiness and success. The product of her research is The Six Habits, now a best-selling book.


Yes, you can be a successful person without being happy—but it’s going to be much harder. Laura shares with us that there is a way to prosper while being a happy person who believes that they’re capable, sees the glass half full, and goes for it. Success is easier and more fun when you’re more resilient and make it a joyful endeavor.

Laura’s Six Habits include:

  • Kindness: How you treat yourself with love and no negative self-talk
  • Acceptance: How you feel about yourself and forming a positive opinion, forgiving yourself for past failures, and unconditionally loving yourself exactly as you are
  • Gratitude: How you appreciate life and look at life through a grateful lens, look for the good in things and build a lifestyle of gratitude
  • Presence: How you show up for your life and live in the moment without distraction
  • Goodness: What kind of energy you allow in, including the news you watch, the social media you scroll through, the people you allow to take too much from you, and setting healthy boundaries by being mindful of toxic energy
  • Intention: What kind of energy you put out and what you intend to create each day, striving to meet your goals and reach success without the world making the decisions for you

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