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Will Moore - Getting More Momentum

As an 80’s kid growing up on Atari and Nintendo, Will Moore was always fascinated by video games and their ability to hijack and propel him into a world much better than the one he was living in. Where his only limits were on his ability to acquire the skills required to master the game.

One major goal set and achieved was to become a successful entrepreneur – starting-up multiple businesses, and exiting one of them for 9-figures. Ironically, doing so helped Will realize one of life’s great truths on happiness: money alone can’t buy it.

Deep, soul-filling, long-term happiness required a more holistic approach, and would require him to become the CEO of the most important business ever, His Life!

Show Notes

Will Moore’s “origin story” begins in California, born to two hippy parents. His family moved to Hawaii, where he and his sister grew up in the slums, at one point being mugged and held at knifepoint. He then moved to Bethesda, Maryland, during his adolescent years, saying he was always sensitive, didn’t quite fit in, and had a victim mentality that held him back from accomplishing more.

Fast forward, and Will began to hit his stride in college when he picked up the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” a recommendation from a professor, which he believes is the starting point of his success. He continued gathering as much knowledge and self-help as possible, slowly shifting his mindset and completely overhauling his life. He had physical, mental, emotional, relationship, and entrepreneurial growth, leading to a 9-figure business deal selling one of his many companies. Since then, he’s dedicated his life to helping other people walk down their own path to success in all areas of their life.


Will shares that life is about growing and moving in the right direction, and money isn’t the be-all-end-all after all (although it is one piece of the puzzle). Our habits and tricking our brains into making the right decisions are what define us and our outcomes. His Five Core Habits are what he attributes to living a successful and well-rounded life. They include:

Mindset: Develop a “growth owner mindset” that focuses on your strengths and accomplishing goals.

Career and Finance: It’s not just about making money but finding a role you love and are passionate about, as well as unlocking exponential wealth.

Relationships: Being in person and spending real time with others with screens aside.

Physical Health: Prioritizing sleeping, eating, exercising, and more to live an energetic and full life.

Emotional Health: Enjoying the ride, making time for the things you love, and giving back to others.

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