Manifest Anything Fast with Bill McKenna

Bill McKenna - Manifest Anything Fast

Bill McKenna is an ultra marathon runner, black belt, helicopter pilot, airplane pilot, skydiver and former adrenaline junkie turned spiritual teacher. He has pioneered a ground breaking method for creating massive change, shifting perspective and raising consciousness.

Bill’s the Author of The Only Lesson and the founder of the Cognomovement Systems. During his own life-changing spiritual awakening, he studied with a number of master teachers to learn the secrets of self-discovery and the ability to create miraculous change in his life and in the lives of others. Bill now shares those secrets with his students in his renowned, Secrets of the Masters Series.

Show Notes

His journey began with a shipwreck. Ripping a hole in the side of his yacht, from hitting an uncharted island, he was forced to re-think his life when he finally arrived in San Diego to do full repairs.

An unexpected and unplanned spiritual awakening started happening which changed his life forever. Fundamental new understandings about life, the purpose of life, forgiveness and a blossoming of intuition began to manifest.

There’s a concept, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

And that actually ended up happening to Bill. The teachers appeared; teachers with legendary skills. Skills that most people say are, “not possible.”

Not only did he start witnessing it, but he actually started experiencing it himself. And he found another reality beyond the one we think we have.

The Vision for Cognomovement began with these high-level teachers and Bill transformed from a life of “service to self” to “service to others.”

And his motivation and enjoyment began in really helping people on a much higher level.

With this, he was able to help people with super hard problems. He solved problems whether financial, physical or whatever. He helped solved them all. One after the other.

I talk about my wife’s success in watching one of his videos.


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