Justin Peck: Champion Driver & Bulletproof Author!

Justin Peck - Champion Driver & Bulletproof Author!

Justin Peck #49 is a die hard, PRO 2 Lucas Oil off-road driver & Author who is a whirlwind of inspiration.

A top motor sports player, owner of RaceProTech Race Team, Founder of Gear 49 motorsports nutrition, and now newly accomplished author of Bulletproof memoir—he is the perfect blend of fun and wisdom.

A true infuencer in more ways than one, his passion reigns for making the movement of mental health awareness one of inspiration versus despair.

Justin says, “Fortunately, you have the power to rediscover–and reclaim–your joy. It just takes a little work.”

The Huffington Post says, “Justin is what I call an “overcomer” “victorious.” A hero. A down to earth real good solid guy, that is beautifully honest and speaks from the truthful core of his being.”

In Justin’s own words, how it all started, “I turned back to the half finished note I had written to her. My heart breaking and the tears flowing. I set the notepad down, reached into the truck’s console, grabbed my pistol. Loaded it. Put it to my head and pulled the trigger.”

More about Justin at JustinPeck.com.

Maura Sweeney - Ambassador of Happiness

At midlife, Maura took her eclectic background — law school, corporate management, home schooling mom, volunteering and global travels — to transform herself into the Ambassador of Happiness(R).

Maura’s reflective questions and story-based narratives are helping individuals find their voice, entrepreneurs develop their brand and leaders emerge into their most influential and highest versions of self.

More about Maura at Maura4U.com.


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