Higher Purpose Connection with Scott Mason

Scott Mason - Higher Purpose Connection

Scott Mason is an inspirational and keynote speaker who focuses on resolving human disconnect and building resilience by connecting to a higher purpose — to build a better self and a better world.

From printing, to General Counsel and Vice President of Operations for Urban Resource Institute, (the USA’s largest operator of domestic violence shelters), to 2nd in command of New York’s administrative tribunal system to podcasting and the list goes on …

Show Notes

Born in England, raised in Kansas, he ended up in New York City for law school. As an attorney he climbed his way up as an executive for the city of New York itself.

That was a good ride, for a long time, but he always knew he was destined for something greater. And he kindled his ability as a speaker to bring out passion to unite people and excite them behind a common theme.

He was still quite focused on public policy with an intellectual interest and a significant event had to occur to get him to switch to his greater and higher purpose connection.

That event occurred, many years later, when he had the opportunity, though forced, to move to a different career.

This change is, no doubt, due to his regular pursuit of finding out why he was here on Earth and why he was given his gifts and the ultimate meaning behind what he was doing.

It seems as the regular contemplations of that, opened the door for him to move into a new, and higher-level career.

In focusing, and putting those pieces together, his life began to rapidly change.

This again, is a big change in his life, as his earlier career was not focused on professional success and purpose.

Like so many of us, he was caught up in rising up the ladder and growing his income, stature, power or authority in the professional world. But all of that was done without any connection to purpose, or more honestly, without any connection to meaning (why?).

Consider it like the house of cards that so many of us are familiar with. At some point it can (and does) go crashing down because there is nothing substantial (our purpose) that holds it up. His professional journey was merely a means to an end.

It was always pushing for “the next rung higher” until it all collapsed.

And so much more is discussed, with some very endearing and powerful, life-changing, personal life stories.


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