Harmonize Your Life with Mark Romero

Mark Romero - Harmonize Your Life

Mark Romero’s successful nineteen-year career as an executive manager and CEO took a dramatic turn the day a former top NASA consultant discovered that his music cancelled negative energy. Out of this discovery emerged a revolutionary musical technology that is empowering people to enhance well-being, expand awareness and unlock their potential to create more successful and fulfilling lives.

Mark is recognized as a leader in the field of transformation through music and energy, and has led high impact solutions for thousands of individuals, organizations and entrepreneurs through his revolutionary musical technology for extraordinary success, supercharged performance and increased health.

Show Notes

He’s a “recovered CEO.” He worked for 19 years in the high-tech world and as the CEO for a successful company, he decided to quit. You would think he had it made, but he was unhappy, discontent and unhealthy. He realized he had to find his purpose.

He thought he would become a motivational speaker and help people transform their lives. He never expected music or energy-work to get in the mix.
And now his passion is helping people to reveal the masterpiece that is within. The unlimited, powerful essence or expression of life that is within each and every one of us and to some degree, which we have forgotten; the ability to compose the life of our dreams.

What does NASA have to do with negative energy and why is music important to them? I was surprised at the answer to this.

You’ll have to play that section a few times. It’s very interesting on why music is important to NASA.

This goes down the road of how we are not accessing what we should be accessing, because of how our energy is being disrupted from everything going around us, such as radio waves and high frequencies.

Negative energy comprises us, in a way, in how we operate on a physical, mental & emotional level. It impacts brain waves.

That is something to ponder, for everyone listening to this show, in terms of their own company’s productivity.

There are frequencies in music that eliminate the effect of static and noise that cause stress.

And that was in just the first part or so.


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