EP20. Get Proven, Practical Innovation to Help You Sell More & Make More by Richard Haasnoot

Richard Haasnoot - Get Proven, Practical Innovation to Help You Sell More & Make More

1400 by 1400 revised logo NEWRichard’s roots come from a sales and marketing executive for Procter & Gamble for 16 years. And Vice President of Gallo Winery for 10 years. Richard was also a professor of the Arizona State University teaching upper-level marketing, innovation and leadership courses.

He now runs, Innovate2Grow Experts, a leading front end innovation consulting company and is devoted to helping others with his proven, practical innovation that helps you sell more and make more.

You can also call him, The Innovator.

Richard talks about practical innovation to help you sell more, and make more, on this episode of Revenue Chat with Tony Durso.


  • What does innovation really mean?
  • Why do 75% of all new products and services fail within 5 years, with most in the first 17-18 months?
  • What is success vision?
  • Three steps of front end innovation.
  • The concept of quantum idea generation, which generates at least 12 times more ideas than brainstorming.
  • What is dynamic strategy?
  • What do you mean by high success innovation?
  • How come and why the WOW factor?
  • Inspirational quotes and comments about innovation from Einstein, Warhol, George Bernard Shaw, Churchill and Steve Jobs.

So much fun with Richard Haasnoot former professor of the school of management at Arizona State University!


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