What You Need To Know For Your Interview With Tony DUrso

Our interview is 40-45 minutes, audio only. I use squadcast.fm. There is nothing for you to login or signup. A link will be provided. 

(While the interview is audio, we will do a short video meet ‘n greet, and then switch to audio only for the recording.)

I heavily promote your interview on:

  • Major Internet Channels.
  • Terrestrial Radio Stations throughout the U.S. (16 and counting.)
  • Roku (the channel I am on has over 150,000 subscribers).
  • Amazon Alexa.
  • And, a Press Release for every episode goes out to about 500 Major News Media, TV & Radio outlets.

The end result

  • Your interview broadcasts to an available audience pushing 9 million.
  • Your interview downloads up to 100,000 times.
  • Your interview appears on all the podcast platforms, such as iTunes & Spotify.

Thousands are spent on Your Interview.

This is a full studio production; not a home podcast.


Therefore, Please Review Carefully

Doing this interview through your computer, hard-wired into the Internet, with a separate microphone and headsets are the most ideal for the best audio sound quality. This makes you sound your best.

A hardwired Ethernet connection to the Internet is preferable to WiFi, which can cause fluctuations with broadband audio signals. We highly suggest using a quality microphone and closed-back headphonesYour internal computer microphone is NOT adequate for podcasts. 

Due to technology advances, your interview can be done through your mobile phone, however, the noise-cancelation and echo-reducing software limits the voice range, and can at times distort what you are saying.

If you use ear buds, be alerted that every large breath, or body movement with the microphone scraping on clothes, can send those sounds through the microphone.

Also, do whatever you can to minimize background noises.

  • Close your windows and turn-off heaters, air conditioning, and room fans.
  • Switch off any computer tones associated with notifications.
  • Put nearby cell phones in Airplane Mode, and disconnect any landline phones in the room.
  • If you cannot find or create a quiet place for our recording session, consider moving into a closet filled with clothes to emulate a studio-like environment. 

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