What You Need To Know For Your Interview With Tony DUrso

Our interview is 40-45 minutes, audio only. I use squadcast.fm. There is nothing for you to login or signup. A link will be provided. 

I heavily promote your interview on:

  • Major Internet Channels.
  • Terrestrial Radio Stations throughout the U.S. (16 and counting.)
  • Roku (the channel I am on has over 150,000 subscribers).
  • Amazon Alexa.
  • Press Release for every episode to about 500 Major News Media, TV & Radio outlets.

As a result you must have a clear hardwired connection with a good microphone and headphone. 

(Your computer microphone is not sufficient. Cell phones and ear buds are not acceptable.)

Connect & Follow me on Facebook1, Instagram2, LinkedIn3, Twitter4 & YouTube5. — This makes it easy to tag you when promoting your show. 

Your show is also promoted on iTunes. Please subscribe6 & check out7 a show so you know my style and what to expect.

To show your support of the show, it is greatly appreciated if you could leave a review8.

Your 5-Star review will help boost the potential audience for your episode 🙂

(*iTunes is also known as Apple Podcasts and is available through any Apple device. — If you do not own one, you can sign up for iTunes for free, and then search for The Tony DUrso Show.)

Those are 7-8-Steps I ask you to perform as the basic steps for an interview with me. (I welcome your media contacts and employees do the same.)

Please email me when these 7-8-Steps are done, along with your review to: tony@tonydurso.com. – Thanks, and I’m looking forward to our interview!