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This club is to get YOU made known to the world through my extensive network of influence. 

How would you like Shout Outs to MY social media?

I have over 2.3 million downloads on my shows in 2 1/2 years. I am the #1 show on VoiceAmerica’s Influencers Channel. 

Tony DUrso consistently delivers a show that keeps listeners listening, and it 
shows in how his audience grows show after show. He's the Best of the Best. 
Jeff Spenard, CEO VoiceAmerica

Here are more testimonials.–I am going to help get YOU more exposure to the world.–Let’s begin.


I Will Give You

I will give you:

  • A copy of my book, The Vision Map™ which I used to 
    • Create one of the most successful podcasts;
    • Create one of the most successful Internet Radio shows;
    • Create a very successful TV show (in progress);
    • Get from Zero to 2.3 million downloads in 2 1/2 years;
    • Meet the most successful entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires-in-progress;
    • Befriend huge movie stars (that you see in the movies now) and huge authors with millions of books sold.

You also get:

  • Shout Outs on Facebook, Twitter & my extensive social media.
  • An audio reading of my book, The Vision Map™ which has more info than the book.
  • A video I prepared for The Vision Map™ which has even more info. 
  • Personal social media Shout Outs if we ever meet at any event. 
  • Free entry to any of my events.
  • Copies of my new books at no charge. 
  • Introductions in person to influential people when we meet at any event. 
  • Get a one-on-one Skype/phone call or messenger time with me to go over any business/career/life issue. 
  • Get a weekly BiG Thank You from me in a Shout Out that goes to all my social media. Friday Recognition!
  • Special offers, free books and invites from special members in our group.
  • Free strategy and business coaching from special members in our group. 
  • Hand selected best of the best to be in my monthly mastermind group. 
  • And more—special surprises in store for my most trusty Club Members.

What I Ask

What I ask is for you to do certain tasks such as Like, Comment & Share some of my posts weekly. Can you do that?

The person with the most tasks accomplished (a star for each) gets invited to my monthly mastermind group or a private one-on-one. Those next in line get other rewards as per above, but everybody that participates gets on the Weekly Recognition List!

How to start:

  1. Go to the Dream Business Community on Facebook and join free!
  2. Go to my Checklist, get started and collect a ton of stars!
  3. Each week follow the directions on how to tell us how many Stars you got (look for announcements on The Dream Business Community asking for this info).
  4. I’ll follow up with recognitions and rewards for everyone that participates!

Thanks for your contribution to all of our success!