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Doug Hay, CEO Expansion Plus

Unparalleled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

Energetic and entertaining training sessions for all salespeople and sales managers as well as keynote speaking.

Your powerful introduction is highly conducive to sowing seeds of positive change in our minds that can only lead to the green shoots of progress and the flowering of achievement!
Micheline Murray

Wonderful! Thank You Tony!
Inge Wilhelmina Scholz

My interaction with you led me to see how strongly motivated you are and how you strive for excellence. I am sure that armed with your knowledge, experience, and leadership qualities … will be ready for any challenge that presents itself.
Rory Moore

Very inspirational Tony! Thank you for sharing this.
Stanton Page

You have taught me how to redefine possible.
Gary Young, CEO, China Sourcing

Just beginning to understand what you “bring to the table.” I was captivated, simply by knowing that your “philosophy” of the sale is not in “selling ANYTHING”– it’s about creating a level of “desire” in the buyer, that cements the deal & also creates a lasting, loyal bond with the customer–who then becomes an ally! Brilliantly simple!
Kris Lindstrom

You are a dedicated person with good heart. In my opinion anyone who has a desire to grow and a big dream can accomplish anything in life. The impossible becomes possible and walls will break down, if you are determined. You are the proof of that! Your book shares your honest opinion on how to make big achievements for those who like to learn it.
Ellie Bitaraf, Investor Adviser Representative

Tony Durso is an accomplished individual who inspires others to excel in life.
Jesse Cortez

Great book. I highly recommend it! Tony is a great guy who positivity influences many people.
John Laney

If there is one person that accomplishes any task or feat despite the obstacles…it’s Tony. You are THE man for THE mission.
S K Ryatt

Anyone who seeks improvement is on the right track. You not only seek it, you accomplish it and assist others to improve as well. The ability to learn and apply your vital information is a sure bet for success.

For the beginning sales person to the mature sales person, The Black Book of Sales Secrets is a must read to establish and reinforced ones sales abilities. Actually for me The Black Book of Sales of Secret is more of an motivational reading because the number one theme is never give up and The Black Book of Sales Secrets gives the reasons why. Thanks Tony!
Paul Katchings

I stand witness to to your accomplishments and know that anyone who has the desire to can learn to duplicate your efforts. All they need is a good teacher like you.

Wow, Tony, you really get stuff done! Exemplary.
Aleksey Tsalolikhin

When you help & inspire others to do better & achieve their goals, you not only lift them to be better, you also lift your self to new heights as you get what you apply your energy to.
Jay Blaut

I hope more follow your excellent example by tuning into your site and reading your book!
Hans Eisenman

Tony is … a motivated individual and shares that strength with those around him in person, in print and in song.
Ben Wagner

I have no doubt at all that you can help anyone with the data in your book. From the tasks you just completed, it appears you practiced what you teach.
Carl Watts

Thanks for sharing. Proves that if you make up your mind and apply yourself you can accomplish whatever you set out to. It’s true that the biggest stumbling block for the majority of us is ourselves.
Beverly Davis


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