These are Resources for you to use! I recommend and trust these services!


Do Your Vision Map™

Achieve rapid growth in your business, your career and your life. Get it free.



Gene-Level Nutrition

Clar8ty: Complete wellness for kids, busy moms and dads.

Get Fit — Look Great

Legendary Fitness Ab Roller: High quality ab roller helps in fitness & health.

Get Your Body to Optimum

Rain: Soul: Helps with pain, disease, diabetes, inflammation and more.

Marketing & Branding

Build a Great Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels: Your business needs this now.  Free account.

Get Targeted Visitors

A great way to get engagements: more eyeballs, more downloads, more opt-ins.

Get the App 

Get the mobile app for Revenue Chat Radio and The Spotlight with Tony DUrso.

Join The Dream Business Community

Dream Business Community: Get the help & support you need. It’s free.

Mobile Apps and More

FireBreathingPenguin: They did an Awesome Job on my mobile app.

Reach Millions

Tell the world about your brand.

Public Relations and Media Assistance

TrizCom: Ask how they can assist you with your media & public relations.



The Greatest Transformation In Energy

It’s happening right now:  Build a life-changing part or full time income.

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