ESP - front coverEasy Sales Procedures

Easy Sales Procedures contain basic fundamentals, techniques that you must employ to get, generate and increase more sales of your products and services.

These are the bottom floor, ground rules of sales. Some you may know, many you may not. And it all starts at working out, determining and getting your Purpose and Goals all worked out. Yes, that is critical.

Sales is an art. Treat it as an art, and you will have the time of your life and the sales of a lifetime. If you treat it as just a tool, much like a carpenter works a hammer, then sure, you will get some sales—but you will miss the spark and the excitement, the thrill and the victory of consistent and superb sales in quantity and with quality.

Get Easy Sales Procedures for you, your employees and business associates.

I have read scores of other sales, sales technique, selling guides, many of them quite good. I have also extensively trained and taught sales. Your Easy Sales Procedures are particularly helpful (and I did find some new useful ideas for myself) in that they are fresh, modern, no nonsense and easy to read and absorb. You will also find sites and reference items that you can go back to (or make a note of) from time to time. A worthwhile read. – Bill Morgenstein, The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn

Sales is the X-factor that we are missing in life. Sales is everywhere, encompasses everything. Treat the subject of sales as an art form, and you will arrive quickly at the top echelons of your sales category.

Get Easy Sales Procedures for all your business contacts. Try that in your sales journey. You will be impressed.

GBG Final CoverThe Good, Bad and Gold: The Pursuit

A fiction trilogy that occurs in Middle Earth. As described by the Tolucan Times:

“Roni is an Imen, a once fierce warrior race that has chosen to be healers after a divine ultimatum. She is called upon to heal a young man named Eyvind, the Prince of Carron, while doing so she violates a cardinal rule because of curiosity about the prince and, as the cliché goes, all hell breaks loose.

“An ogre and a nation chase both Eyvind and Roni, now banished from their lands—they have to fight to hold on to their beliefs and very lives.

“The Good, Bad and Gold: The Pursuit, the first book in a series, is a tale well told with harrowing chases, writing that paints pictures in your head, characters that you truly care about and a plot full of twists that keeps you turning the page.

“. . . [the authors] create a unique world in the tradition of Tolkien while subtly teaching a lesson that is at once recognizable and yet uniquely their own. This is a story about how the bad want power no matter the price and the good stay true.” Read More.

homebThe Black Book of Sales Secrets . . .

. . . has been updated and released as Easy Sales Procedures. Get a sneak peek here of the first 30 pages.


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