How to Do a Review for Tony DUrso’s Talk Shows

There are two reviews that help bring in more audience for Tony’s shows.

A. Mobile App Review

  • Accessible from any Android or Apple device.
  • Click on from your smart device (may not work on a desktop or laptop).
  • You will see Tony’s app available on the Google or Apple store. Download and install.
  • The next time you activate the app, you will be asked to rate it.
  • If you like my shows, please give a kind 5-Stars and a review.
  • (If you see/hear something you want to improve, or if there is any difficulty on this, just shoot me a message.)

Thanks for this one!



B. iTunes Review – There are Two Ways to do this:

iTunes is pre-loaded on all Apple devices. They come in two (2) forms.


1. iTunes Method One

Laptops and desktops: Does your iTunes icon look like this?


If so, click here to go directly to iTunes on your laptop/desktop:


Your page will look like this. Navigate to the Ratings and Reviews section (see the arrow).

Play or download a show (iTunes is watching). If you like what you’re hearing, please give a kind 5-stars and a review. 1-2 sentences is just fine.





2. iTunes Method Two


Does your iTunes icon look like this?

If so, do the following:

  1. On your Apple device, click the purple podcast icon.
  2. Click Search button (bottom right corner).
  3. Paste this in search and hit search again: “revenue chat radio with Tony Durso”
  4. Press the show banner icon for Tony DUrso’s show.
  5. Scroll down just a little until you see Ratings & Reviews.
  6. Put in 5 stars – you may get a Thank you.
  7. Scroll a tiny bit down – click on Write a review.
  8. Put in a short title like, “Tony rocks on Revenue Chat” or whatever.
  9. Write a sentence or two.

If any trouble, just message me on Facebook, or through the contact page on this website.

That’s it!

Thank you kindly for your cooperation. Together we grow to increased success!