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Rain: Pushing the Boundaries

of Human Potential

“We’ve taken a huge step forward in solving the world’s nutrition problems by creating a completely new category of health supplements. They are one hundred percent non-GMO and derived directly from seeds. We call it seed-based nutrition.”

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Estel Richardson Testimonial

Rain: Soul is a delicious seed-based two-ounce blend, packed with antioxidants, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Studies show Rain: Soul
– Reduces inflammation by 33%.
– Increases the stimulation of cell life for anti-aging properties by 62%.
– Brunswick Lab tests reveals free radical reduction by more than 2.5X.

“The process is really a revolutionary one. We use a cold-press process, which obtains the potent benefits of super-seeds, and then make them bioavailable for human consumption. The seeds we use have been studied extensively and have proven health benefits. Those benefits they provide are much more concentrated than even fruits or vegetables.”

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Blood Test Results After Taking Soul

“My wife had an accident with our dog that left her wrist and shoulder aching for years. And her feet used to hurt all the time as a result of a lot of walking on the job. After 3 doses of Rain: Soul in two days, her wrist and shoulder pains disappeared, the knots in her back disappeared, and her feet stopped hurting! T.D.”

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Dr. Bradford Weeks, M.D. – The Science of Seed-Based Nutrition


“Our dear friend hurt her knees when she was 16 due to a horse accident. After 3 weeks of taking Rain: Soul her knees stopped hurting for the first time in her life! (She’s in her 60s.) T. D.”

“Our compensation plan was created by distributors for distributors, giving an ideal return on investment. With the highest rated plan in the industry, and nine ways to get paid, there are seemingly endless opportunities. Weekly payouts, and a projected trillion-dollar industry makes now the perfect time to join us.”

The Business Side of Rain: Dr. Weeks and the Power of Soul

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