The Good, Bad and Gold: The PursuitThe Good, Bad and Gold: The Pursuit was written with co-author S.K.R. and was ten years in the making. We thought the first draft was too big and took out over 300 pages to make the book more manageable. We hope you like it.

Below are some of the kind words of praise and testimonials about this imaginative adventure from Middle Earth. Also included are some fun times we had at various events.







Toluca Lake Review

The Good, Bad and Gold: The Pursuit, the first book in a series, is a tale well told with harrowing chases, writing that paints pictures in your head, characters that you truly care about and a plot full of twists that keeps you turning the page.
[The authors] create a unique world in the tradition of Tolkien while subtly teaching a lesson that is at once recognizable and yet uniquely their own. This is a story about how the bad want power no matter the price and the good stay true.
The Tolucan Times




Anthony Espinoza




The Good, Bad and Gold is impressive with a lot of imagery.
Anthony Espinoza








If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you need to.
Sergio “The Juggernaut” Sosa







Great way to start my day enjoying The Good, Bad and Gold.
Sylvia Gomez








JC and Randy

The Good, Bad and Gold (the Pursuit) is an awesome adventure fantasy.
JC Cirrincione





Jr poster 2


The Good, Bad and Gold has me flipping through pages. . . I will be up all night with my thai tea and boba, excited to see what happens next or where the journey takes place. From the mats, to Jasper I go!
Jonathan Santa Maria

[And then later . . . ]

Jr reading
I had time to step back into ‪The Good, Bad and Gold: The Pursuit: The only book that I have gone back and forth in chapters to relive the story. Great work! The journey includes hard work and making time for yourself and I’m glad to have this story with me. Get yours online guys & enjoy the journey!
Jonathan Santa Maria





Books and stickers

Ok guys this is a must read! I can not put it down. I just started reading this book today and I can not stop. If you are not reading it . . . You should be. You will truly enjoy it.
[A few days later.] I just finished reading The Good, Bad and Gold: The Pursuit and now I hate you. How long must I wait for the next one? Hurry up–I don’t want to wait! lol
Jay Santa Maria



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JC and JfrJr posterRudy