The King Of Schmooze – Cody Lowry with Tony DUrso

Cody Lowry - The King Of Schmooze

An advertising agency owner for 30 years, Cody Lowry is the King of Schmooze. He set up a meeting with the President of The United States in one week, got a baseball signed by the Pope, carried the Torch in the Olympic Torch Relay, and was gifted a Super Bowl Ring by one of the NFL Hall Of Fame Coaches among some of his honors and distinctions.

His book Schmooze – What They Should Teach At Harvard Business School redefines the word. It’s about being genuine and harks back to the days when we looked people in the eye and greeted them with a smile. Our word was our bond and our relevance wasn’t based on likes and looks.

Endorsed by some prominent Americans including Allen Dershowitz, Hal Steinbrenner and Tim Gannon, cofounder of outback restaurants, just to name a few, Schmooze is a modern Dale Carnegie book jammed packed with life lessons.

Insider's Brief

Here’s an Insider’s Brief about inflation.

With us is Laura Adams, author and host of The Money Girl podcast.

We discuss;

  • How big of a concern inflation is right now.
  • The new Harris Poll and what the key findings were.
  • Tthe “Buy Now, Pay Later” model.
  • Why financing is an option consumers should consider.
  • What else should consumers be doing to safeguard their finances?

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