Telling Your Story with Ben Baker

Ben Baker - Telling Your Story

As the founder of Your Brand Marketing, Ben Baker helps clients understand what makes them special, unique and engaging. For the past 25 years, he has been helping companies communicate internally and externally and developing the next generation of leaders. Through his work, brands tell engaging and meaningful stories that elevate and engage employees and compel customers to take action.

Ben is a two time author, podcast host, keynote speaker and creator of the Podcast Host for Hire Program. Ben says, “Have you ever watched the TV Show “Once Upon a Time?” Well, that is where I live and work. The fishing village of Steveston, BC, just 30 minutes out of the downtown core of Vancouver is where I call home. I walk to work, know my neighbors and believe that there is a balance between life and work.”

Show Notes

Ben lived the kind of life that probably, many of us dream about: jet setting all over the world, and being in so many places, that you have to call the reception in the morning and ask them, “what city am I in?”

While that seems like a great amount of fun, for a single person, it was a divorce waiting to happen when he got married, so Ben arranged to get bought out of his job.

While on a brief vacation, he took a number of tests to find out what he should do with his life, and discovered that telling stories was his strength.

Over the years he became quite good at helping companies discover what their true value is. Not just a commodity, but being a brand worth loving.

That sets companies apart and makes them leaders, instead of followers.

Knowing your brand story is a key part of it as Ben lays it out very clearly.

Do people inside your office know your brand story? Do your clients know? Your vendors?

By knowing the customer’s brand story, and telling that through various mediums makes all the difference.

How do you communicate your brand in trade shows? In social media? In your networking efforts? When podcasting, and so forth? How do you get people to understand your value in relation to them?

If a company, and their people understand their value internally, their purpose, their culture, their vision, and how everyone fits in, and how everyone matters, they build brand champions.

Listen again and take notes as Ben does a deep dive on how to build an effective brand for your company.

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Please share with someone you believe would be helped by this episode.

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