EP36. Steps to Obtaining Rapid Growth by Serial Growth Hacker Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard - Steps to Obtaining Rapid Growth

Matthew is successful in acquiring high profile customers, such as multinational award-winning franchises, world-renowned luxury automotive brands, leading medical institutions, law associations, and Australian Premiership Football teams.

He brings about rapid growth and business transformation around the world, through his many speaking and coaching activities, as well as his top-rated iTunes podcast.

Matthew shares with us the key steps to achieve rapid growth on this episode of Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • Why is it so important for small businesses to differentiate from competitors
  • Is finding a niche market really as important as everyone makes it out to be?
  • Competing on price is epidemic in business & it is a long fight to the bottom. Why is this and what to do?
  • Why do sales people need to learn how to price and create a reason for why someone buys?
  • Is it possible to be great at sales without having the gift of gab?
  • Why can rapid growth in a business not be a good thing?
  • How can a business get ready to grow?
  • What is your defect and complaint ratio?
  • Insightful comments on Stephen Covey, One Minute Manager (Kenneth Blanchard & Spenser Johnson) and Robert Kiyosaki.

What a mesmerizing show with Matthew! I was truly speechless at his amazing insight in sales and marketing. Brilliant. He is the real deal. Check this out.


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