Special Insider Briefs with Tony DUrso | Banking & Relationships

Special Insider Briefs with Tony DUrso - Banking & Relationships

With so many requests to get on my show, I started including short interviews on significant topics to help bring important messages to your attention.

It’s almost like a public service announcement, or a special highlight of a new book or service, and most of all, this is all geared to today’s entrepreneur and business person.

I call these short interviews an Insider’s Briefs. Usually, they’re about 10-15 minutes long.

With that said, here are 4 key Insider’s Briefs covering a range of topics such as:

• Working with difficult people and the importance of winning the relationship, not the argument with Laurie Moroco, PhD.
• The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument to help improve your conflict-handling behavior with Ralph Kilmann, PhD.
• The shadow banker’s secrets, which not only helps you protect your portfolio, but shows you how easy it is to become your own bank with Benjamin Summers.
• A new book by Dr. Steven Kowalski titled Creative Together: sparking innovation in the new world.

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Insider's Brief

Insider’s Brief #1

Let’s talk about working with difficult people and the importance of winning the relationship, not the argument. In fact, 93% of Americans report it as a severe deficit and 68% say it’s a major problem.
I speak with Laurie Moroco Phd., Assistant Dean of instruction at a college in Colorado. She’s also a professor, a certified master business strategist, a corporate leadership trainer, and a working mom of 4 children.

  • How do we become proactive about encouraging a workplace culture of acceptance and varying viewpoints ?
  • Can you give us some tips for living peacefully, despite differences?
  • How do we model the discourse we desire and persuade others to follow suit?
  • What about the need to preserve relationships with coworkers, family members, friends, and beyond?
  • Find out more at lauriemoroco.com

Insider’s Brief #2

Here’s an Insider’s Brief about mastering conflict management that goes beyond theory. In today’s world, where differences, diversity, and discord prevail, conflict management has become an essential skill for individuals, teams, and societies
I speak with Ralph Kilmann PhD., a conflict management expert and co-creator of the renowned Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. It’s the world’s best-selling conflict management tool.

  • What made you work on solving conflicts?
  • What is the TKI Conflict model?
  • There are 5 conflict modes, with 2 skill sets around this?
  • Don’t we have a culture of just avoiding conflicts?
  • Find out more at kilmanndiagnostics.com

Insider’s Brief #3

Let’s talk about protecting your portfolio from market crises while generating above market returns. Let’s discuss how to create capital and become our own bank.
I speak with Ben Summers, Founder and Managing Director of Adagio Group. He has a new book out called The Shadow Banker’s Secrets.

  • Which asset class is best?
  • How do the most sophisticated financial institutions determine the quality of an investment?
  • What is required to effectively become your own bank?
  • How can fund managers be successful raising substantial capital after friends and family are tapped out?
  • Find out more at adagio.capital

Insider’s Brief #4

Here’s a new book that will help you spark creativity for yourself and those you work with. It’s Creative Together by Steven Kowalski, PhD. He’s a leading voice in the global movement for conscious creativity. He’s a long time practitioner of Stanford University’s Creativity in Business Approach.

  • What is the book about, and the benefits we can get from it?
  • What advice do you have for our leaders today?
  • What is the role of “purpose” in this mix?
  • What about leadership teams?
  • Find out more at stevenkowalski.com


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