Learning From Failure with Max James & Tony DUrso

Max James - Learning From Failure

Max James — Air Force Academy graduate, pilot, shot down twice in Vietnam to become the original founder and CEO of American Kiosk Management, a billion-dollar global presence in North America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with 5 million repeat customers, 600 staffed locations, 1000 automated stores, and 54,000 employees.

Through personal stories and business adventures, Max James delivers insightful business lessons within the pages of his new business memoir The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce.

In recognition of his groundbreaking contributions to the specialty retail field, Max James became the first inductee into the $25 Billion Specialty Retail Hall of Fame.

He also received the Distinguished Graduate award for the year 2010 from the Air Force Academy for “extraordinarily” significant contributions to our nation and his communities, for recognition of accomplishments that are inspirational and elevate the reputation and standing of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Insider's Brief

Here’s an Insider’s Brief about the disconnect at the top. Yes, that’s right, disconnect. There is a disconnect at the top for small business CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

For these last couple of years, CEOs have had two significant challenges and questions. They are asking, “who has MY back?” and “how can I have a greater sense of fulfillment in my business?”

With us is Michael Sipe, COO of the Strategic Advisor Board.

The Strategic Advisor Board is a team of 10 small business CEOs who have built a community & network that partners with small business CEOs to mentor their company growth, develop custom strategies for their business, rapidly grow their revenue using a time-proven model and get them aligned to purpose and fulfillment on their way to $10M and greater in annual revenue. Michael Sipe is their COO.

We discuss:

  • It’s true that a lot of CEOs feel alone at the top, especially in small businesses.
  • Why is there a disconnect at the top
  • What do you recommend doing about it.
  • What are some areas a business owner should be focused on right now.
  • How does a sense of fulfillment translate to better health and performance.

For more information, please visit: strategicadvisorboard.com


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