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EP4. John Eberhard Gives Internet Marketing Updates

JE MarketingHaving been in marketing for over a quarter of a century, John once wrote a great book on the subject. However, as the industry constantly changes, it now requires an update. As a result he tells us all that you have to keep up with the latest techniques, and always with an eye toward what works and gets results today. John says you need more than just a very good looking website–you have to market it properly in order to achieve the leads, sales and other results that you want. It requires more than just putting out banners and ads. The playing field changes on a regular basis. Thus all work must always be done toward results, at a sustainable level that keeps clients satisfied and continuing to spend their budget with you.

Working in a wide variety of industries John’s company utilizes the full spectrum of web design, pay per click, search engine optimization, local online marketing, social media marketing, reputation management, press releases and video production–all of these as needed to maximize client revenue.

Real Web Marketing knows how to drive traffic and John is going to give us updates on the latest techniques.

Join me on Revenue Chat as I chat with John Eberhard.


  • John gives some excellent Internet marketing updates. One of the first things out of the gate is to put up Google Analytics on the site as that gives the best info by far, regardless of any other program you may use.
  • If you have a local business, set up a free account on Yelp which is very effective in driving business to local companies.
  • Google My Business (discussed in detail).
  • Getting online reviews and managing that review process.

This is a fun interview with John Eberhard, President of Real Web Marketing. Yes, you need an updated web site, but there is much more to it in order to drive the traffic that you want, to your site, in order to generate the leads, sales and other actions that you require.

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EP3. Donovan Kovar, Digital Marketing Expert
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